Forgive me

Hey guys, forgive me for not posting in so long, I’ve been double triple quadruple posting over at my other blog (Black Girl, Cry) and I have been neglecting my own personal one.  I do have exciting news though, I got a yogi! 

I’m super amped about it too, its a friend of mine that I supervise a class with.  It started with a conversation I was having with e-BFF Cleo.  I was telling her how I really wanted to get back into yoga, but do it the right way and from the beginning. I want to take the spiritual journey that it leads to.  She said in her ever cheerful tone, “DO IT.” So, I text my friend, and said Hey, how much would you charge to be my yogi? The rest is history!

When we discussed it she told me that yes she is a certified instructor of Kripalu Yoga, which means:

Self-empowerment. Knowing what your body can really do is a powerful tool that you can use in all realms of your life.  A three-part practice that teaches you to get to know, accept, and learn from your body. It starts with figuring out how your body works in different poses, then moves toward longer held postures and meditation, before tapping deep into your being to find spontaneous flow in asanas, letting your body be the teacher. Kripalu teaches that each physical gesture influences and is influenced by your mind, and the practice helps you cultivate that awareness. Expect to get deep into your emotions, mind, and body. And Kripalu has a signature vocabulary based around empowerment, so get ready to “get conscious” and talk openly about “self-discovery,” (women’s health).

That’s exactly what I want. I’m very excited to begin and I start next wednesday.  Also, I don’t know if you guys remember that I started really reading and getting interested in Tao? Well, I am planning to start this class called the Tao of Healing which concentrates on mind-body medicine and healing. I also want to look into taking some classes over the summer (post-grad-HOLLA) that’ll give me a little bit more eastern medicine insight.

I’ve really noticed that my blog has become more about me and less about things going on with friends etc. That’s kind of reflective of my life too. I love my friends, but I had to start taking care of myself.  I’m a better friend for it too (imho).


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