Lady in Red

Seriously, I cannot wait for this movie to come out…I talked with my mom today and she said that she wants to go with a bunch of women. We’re thinking my Grandmother, mom, myself and my teenage sister and two of her friends. It just moves me.  I love black women. We are magnificent, but sometimes we struggle.  Does not make us any less dynamic. *sigh* I just can’t wait.  My favorite is part of the poem is Sorry. In the commercials you can hear Janet Jackson (my ultimate fav) reciting lines from it and each time I just get hungry for the whole thing…I decided to just publish it…I just canNOT wait!!!!!  Lady in Red i have loved you assiduously for 8 months 2 wks & a day…girl you better SAY THAT! Ok I’m sorry I’m sorry lol…

one thing i don’t need
is any more apologies
i got sorry greetin me at my front door
you can keep yrs
i don’t know what to do wit em
they dont open doors
or bring the sun back
they dont make me happy
or get a mornin paper
didnt nobody stop usin my tears to wash cars
cuz a sorry

i am simply tired
of collectin
i didnt know
i was so important toyou
i’m gonna haveta throw some away
i cant get to the clothes in my closet
for alla the sorries
i’m gonna tack a sign to my door
leave a message by the phone
‘if you called
to say yr sorry
call somebody
i dont use em anymore’
i let sorry/ didnt meanta/ & how could i know about that
take a walk down a dark & musty street in brooklyn
i’m gonna do exactly what i want to
& i wont be sorry for none of it
letta sorry soothe yr soul/ i’m gonna soothe mine

you were always inconsistent
doin somethin & then bein sorry
beatin my heart to death
talkin bout you sorry
i will not call
i’m not goin to be nice
i will raise my voice
& scream & holler
& break things & race the engine
& tell all yr secrets bout yrself to yr face
& i will list in detail everyone of my wonderful lovers
& their ways
i will play oliver lake
& i wont be sorry for none of it

i loved you on purpose
i was open on purpose
i still crave vulnerability & close talk
& i’m not even sorry bout you bein sorry
you can carry all the guilt & grime ya wanna
just dont give it to me
i cant use another sorry
next time
you should admit
you’re mean/ low-down/ triflin/ & no count straight out
steada bein sorry alla the time
enjoy bein yrself

~Ntozake Shange



4 thoughts on “Lady in Red

  1. I can’t wait to see this. It comes out on my bday weekend so me and my girls will definitely be going to see this. I loooove being black woman. I feel so lucky, lol. We’re so beautiful and deep and made of love and soulfulness and magic. By the way, the Black Girls Rock awards come on tomorrow night on BET i think. or is it TV one. well anyway, i’ll be tuned in 🙂

  2. Everytime I read this .. I just think of how so many people NEED to read this! IDK if I’m going with a group of girls or solo, but I need this. I hope it still comes back to Broadway so I can see it there too!

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