It all started with my cousin…*sigh* look at her daughter (this is actually my aunt and her granddaughter ((my 2nd counsin)) I’m in love with this baby. She is everything perfect in the world and just too gorgeous for words. SUCH a good baby too, she just looks around all wide-eyed and soaks everything in.  She’s just a happy  baby, you know those kinds of babies?  *sigh* I’m not going to say I want one, because I don’t (right now) but I certainly wouldn’t mind if someone I was reallllly close to had one that I could hold and love all day lol.  And LOOOOOK how happy she is!!! Somebody just have one for me lol.

Its a good thing that Deeds is way over there on the other side of the country because I’d probably be asking questions I don’t mean like, “are you sure we can’t have one sooner rather than later?” Lord knows I don’t mean that. I have life to live and so does he, but I can feel the tick tock.  I’m too young for this right?? Somebody confirm or deny!?!?!!

2 thoughts on “Tick-Tock

  1. You’re not too early…biologically we’ve been ready to have kids for several years now! I’m 22 and I’ve noticed recently that whenever I see cute kids I feel a twinge. I used to be able to look at a baby stonefaced like “You ain’t cute when you’re crying at 4 in the morning!” But now I feel my heart melt, just a little. I juuust started law school so it’s like must…resist…!

  2. LOL well you’re younger than me, so now I don’t feel quite so bad. I’m about to start this Doctorate so I gotta hold off…but my mind keeps finding ways to justify how I can make it work. :-/

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