Moments in Ignorance pt.2

❤ Deedle Bear: Basketball season starts the day of the shortest lab
❤ Deedle Bear: Boom!
J: 😀
❤ Deedle Bear: Gods a male
J: Or a bball loving female
❤ Deedle Bear: Lol a female wouldve cancelled class just for me
❤ Deedle Bear: I wish Dubb was God, but I wouldn’t want u that stressed
❤ Deedle Bear: Also, ud make ut win every natl championship -_-
J: Nah I’m a heel
J: And the pressure to date God? Ugh no…..but I find it so interesting ur view of women
❤ Deedle Bear: I wouldn’t feel pressure dating u (God)
❤ Deedle Bear: Lol
❤ Deedle Bear: I’d be less freaky but you’d know my thoughts
J: Lmao

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