5 o’clock all day

I woke up today, and was *finally* feeling good about all the blessings that have been coming my way. Perhaps there’s something to this being clean thing!  Anyway so, I’d told Sab I’d cook dinner because she wanted to watch Sex and the City 2-I decided to celebrate a little.

I invited over a few of my girlfriends for a fajita night, then as I was sitting thinking, what’s a fajita without a ‘rita?

Mr. Cuervo popped my sobriety cherry so I’ll always hold a special place for him in my heart. Though I’ve grown up and grown boug, now preferring Pat Ron, I’ll always love you Jose.

That being said, I’m making top shelf margaritas and adding my own special ingredients.  I’m just happy to be happy. Not filled with woe and dread, but happy to be light and joyous.

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