You. Me. Us? We?

I got this job offer. It would require me to be in GA for at least another year. In that year I could very well get my Ed.S degree, which only takes a year…then start my Doctoral work.

I asked Deeds how he felt about it, he said whatever makes me happy.

Last night, he mentioned having to take time for himself. Saying he just needs time for clarity.  Not like us breaking up, like just him time.

Ironic-as I’d just watched Sex and the City 2…I felt like he was asking me for those two days apart. So, I went to bed hurt. I know it wasn’t about me…but how could it not be? Asking for time for yourself is asking for time not with me. I don’t like thinking of it in that way, but that’s what I hear. I realize we spend an extraordinary amount of time communicating though, so *shrug* maybe its necessary.

As I was taking a shower this morning I thought to myself of the lines from Why Did I Get Married? “In marriage you give up the I for a We.” Thing is, we’re not married. We’re dating. So…we, are really a you and a me.  He said, when I asked him about CA vs GA, “you you you.” Meaning, do what’s best for me.  I don’t want ‘me’ I want ‘us’.  I guess…we…he and I may be in two different places.  So now what…


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