Bee, Eff Eff

Jewels and I backstage at our HS musical

Yesterday was my best friend growing up’s birthday.  She and I talked every single day multiple times a day from the ages 7-19.  Then (according to me) she got a boyfriend and fell off the face of the earth.  I’d known her to have boyfriends before and she would always kind of dip into obscurity, but this was different.  She was a Jehovah’s Witness and so was he, so she started hanging out with their church friends more.  The next thing I knew she was engaged and getting married and me-her bff since 2nd grade-was receiving an invite in the mail having not heard one detail of the planning process.  How did this happen? We tried, a few years later to rekindle the friendship but it just didn’t happen. We were in two different places and things just didn’t pan out.  I guess we outgrew it.

Ty and I at my college graduation party

Since then I’ve really been very careful about really being serious when I refer to someone as my BEST friend, because in my head that is the one person. One. Who knows what you won’t say.  Have I had that? I dunno? I throw around the term BFF because its kind of just…IDK social? It lets people know that this person is special to me so they’re not just a friend, they’re a “bff” I have a few…if you ask them  I have 5…I have a BFF from college (Tyree) and one pre-college and that’s Jewels, and I can (and have) called them and woken them up for whatever random ailment that I have or whatever random problem plagues me…I’ve sat in my closet crying to both of them, I’ve shared great news with them, I’ve shared strife too. I’ve also been there for them for all of those same things.  So, are they-then- the true BFFs? I dunno man…I dunno…I just hope they never leave my life.



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