Here a blog, there a blog

Everyone and their mom has a blog these days. Honestly…so what makes me want to actually follow someone’s blog on the regular?
I mean honestly…I don’t know. I think authenticity. I don’t really like blogs about stuff, I like blogs about that person. Their point of view on an array of different things. Its often that I get to following their blogs and feel like I really know them (hence my e-bff Cleo).  I’d imagine that someone could potentially get that from this blog…that’s kinda why I’m glad I got the other one. I’ll leave all the comments and viewership over there and I’ll save this for my sanity which was originally why it was created in the first place.

I gotta tell you though, its tough to really write when you don’t have much to say.  Everything is copaesthetic  in the world and you bee-bop along.  Well, maybe something outrageous will happen tomorrow? lol


One thought on “Here a blog, there a blog

  1. This is why I love your blog and look forward to your posts. Many of your musings and insights end up as quotes in my journal. For me, that’s what makes the difference. I have a special place in my heart and blog reader for other writers who get personal and share some of their soul. It’s like therapy in a way.

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