I’m angry.

*thinks anger is a surface emotion…so what are you really, Jess?*

I can’t see past anger!

I am a person who likes simplicity and low drama. I know that life throws curves so I’d rather the things in my life be static and stable. Moodiness and over sensitivity…most times I’m good but sometimes its just like SERIOUSLY!?

I know that I can be difficult to deal with. I feel something 200% for 5 minutes then I’m off it (usually).  This normally affects no one because I prefer to be alone during these times.  I can’t tolerate it in others though.  Call it what you will…I try to though. I try to just put on a happy face and smile and ignore it and roll with the punches but sometimes, SOMETIMES I want to just say who gives a **** get over yourself.

Alas, I can’t.  The ramifications of an outburst as such are not hardly worth the gratification of such an emotional release.  It has to come out though…and soon or I’m gonna just…

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