I love to read people’s blogs, I believe we’ve had this discussion before.  Well since I started back tweeting again (for the time being) I’ve been following the people who’s blogs I’ve recently discovered and likewise reading the blogs of new follows.  The latter is where I came across a chick who had a natural hair blog that I decided to check out.

Now, I’m very weary if when I go to a blog to comment the person has like 40+ comments per post; those generally aren’t my kinds of blogs. I prefer more personal blogs with a circle of loyal readers, (Coincidentally, KaNisa feels similarly and kinda caught some heat from the black blog popular kids table for it).  Well I decided to go ahead and read the posts anyway.  They were definitely very interesting but a whole lot stuff…then I realized that this chick had only been natural for a little over a year.  THAT’S IT!?! After that I stopped reading.

Now, this doesn’t mean to take away from her blog AT all because it was hella interesting and had lots of cool style tips, but it just got me to thinking-is a domain name and a youtube video all it takes to make someone  an authority on something?  I’m sure for her it was initially just a way to share her journey, but then when did it become a phenom?

I thought about this earlier in the week watching the trainwreck that is Real Housewives of Atlanta, NeNe said (about Kandi), “What do I look like taking relationship advice from somebody who doesn’t have a man?”  Now, one side of me wants to defend that because you don’t have to be in a relationship to know how they work.  However, I’m old and wise enough to know that works for you may not work for me and in relationships you write your own rules.  Same with hair…I’ve read natural blogs and see styles and tried them but I know what works for my hair…and most of the time “that” ain’t it.

I wish people dumbed it down and stop trying to be the go-to guru, why should I listen to you? Who made you king of anything?

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