Top 10 Reasons why I liked For Colored Girls

  1. I couldn’t tell that Tyler Perry had a hand in it, this was perhaps the best thing about the movie and it was completely unexpected.
  2. Lady in Orange (Thandie Newton’s character “Tangi”)
  3. The mix of script and poetry…the poetry says so much that a script just would lose if he tried to dumb it down, I was so happy that it stayed in and found myself waiting for certain poems. No it wasn’t seamless just because of the way that the verbage in the poem may be dated so it was shift shock to come back to 2010 and Perry’s words, but def not bad enough to make the movie terrible.  Plus there was always music when there was you knew.
  4. The “Crash” method where all of them kind of coincidentally crash into each others lives.
  5. Lady in Yellow (Anika Noni Rose’s character “Yasmine”) and in particular her hospital scene, snot at all.
  6. Hill Harper was minimal…he’s a pretentious twerp, I’m glad he didn’t say much.
  7. The underdevelopment of Lady in Blue…the originator of “Sorry.”  Anyway, I’m not a big Kerry Washington fan so I’m glad that she was really only there to tie them all together and for nothing more…that lisp.  I want her to quit starving herself and get a speech coach.
  8. Lady in Green’s job-what a dream…health educating and people caring? That’s beautiful.
  9. Lady in Green (Loretta Divine’s character “Juanita”) I nearly jumped up and screamed “Yaaaaaaaaaas” when she got done talking about her “stuff” that got “stolen.”  Mmm….*waves hand in the air*
  10. The last scene.  I may just use that in therapy sessions.

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