Rule of 5…

I got this idea from another blogger (see HERE) but I changed it up, a tanch.

5 famous people you’d like to meet (Dubb clarification…I need an extended “meet” like…a meal where we can discuss)

  • Ruby Dee
  • Nikki Giovanni
  • Sean Combs
  • Sean Carter
  • Alan Greenspan
5 books that affected your life.
  • The Broke Diary-Angela Nissel
  • The Divine Comedy- Dante
  • Great Gatsby- F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Eat Pray Love- Elizabeth Gilbert
  • The book of Matthew (in the Bible)

5 favorite movies.

  • Love Jones
  • Friday
  • Closer
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  • Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

5 addictions.

  • shoes
  • writing/making lists
  • lemon lip balm
  • eye liner
  • self-improvement
5 things that turn you On.
  • quiet confidence
  • eclectic tastes
  • a nice back
  • nerdiness
  • consideration
5 things that turn you completely Off.
  • bad breath
  • bad attitudes
  • weakness
  • insecurity
5 Favorite COSBY episodes
  • The “ey mon” episode
  • The Ray Charles “night and day” episode
  • The Gordon Gartrell “Denise makes Theo a shirt” episode
  • The one where the men have babies
  • Vanessa brings Dabnis to dinner


5 rules that you live by
  • There is no plan B, reinforce plan A
  • If you chase it like a thief, it’ll run like one
  • to get something different you have to try something different
  • troubles don’t last always
  • bend or break

3 thoughts on “Rule of 5…

  1. I had Giovanni on my intial list, due to her brilliant mind, but I eventually realized that I had to meet Assata Shakur, if given the chance.

    I’ve heard great things concerning The Great Gatsby. I’ve never taken the time to sit and read and enjoy though. Eat, Pray, Love – my woman recently read and often speaks well concerning the knowledge received.

    My older sister and I used to be CRAZY about Willy Wonka. Hahaha. Wasn’t that a great film?

    Quiet confidence, nerdiness, writing, definitely.

    Bad attitudes & breathe. Ha.

    I remember each and every episode of The Cosby Show.

    Something I constantly remind myself @ troubles don’t last always

    1. I kind of cheated because I’ve met her before…but she’s one of those people that you just don’t ever want to stop talking-everything is a poem and I stay happily lost in her linguistic labyrinth.

      Gatsby got me into writing-way back in the day all those years ago… Eat Pray Love is one of those books that just changes you.
      The rest is pretty self-explanatory right? LOL

  2. 5 Favorite quotes from Willy Wonka:

    “All questions must be submitted in writing.”

    “Happiness is what children need. Happiness and Harmony.”

    “You stole fizzy lifting drinks!!”

    “I’m a trifle deaf in this ear. Next time talk into the other one.”

    And…all of the oompa loompa songs. They’re so wise.

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