What i know about…

Now…I may not be Miss Cleo, or a star reader, a psychic or a gypsy, but I am about to tell you what I know about each sign of the zodiac from personal experience…

  • Capricorn: crazy! This one I know very well…caps are hypochondriacs, indecisive, “always right” and its important that the be told this and frequently-hourly even,  and very very dramatic.  There is rarely anything that isn’t a state of immediate emergency.
  • Aquarius: IDK much about them…Any Aquarius’ wanna be my friend?
  • Pieces:  loves to complain but don’t do much about it, it seems that they swim in circles-no pun intended.  Craves the center of attention and validation, and sees nothing at all wrong with it.
  • Aries:  they are very slow, and rare to attach themselves-to people that is.  They seem to be driven, and do a lot of work that others may not see from the outside we just hear about it.  The lyric, “always busy doing something but never doing nothing,” comes to mind.
  • Taurus: stubborn to the point of narrow, will listen but not really because their mind is made up already.  Very sensual, not necessarily always discriminate.  Seemingly “id” driven, they always just want to feel good #noHalleBerry.
  • Gemini: crazy! They don’t think they are crazy though, so its fun. And maybe its not really crazy so much that they do have to two sides and so they may contradict themselves often and appear to flip flop, I’m sure it all makes sense to them.
  • Cancer: *yawn*
  • Leo: they say they are great but I’m not sure if they believe it with all the ego-stroking they need.  If you’re not ready to be a source of gratutious praise then dump your leo friend. I’ve also known them to be very sexual…maybe that’s just more stroking.
  • Virgo: the ULTIMATE in crazy!  If its not their way then its just completely wrong and you’re an idiot for not knowing that.  Judgmental and particular, it takes a thick skinned easy going kinda person to deal with Virgos on the regular.
  • Libra: e-mo-tion-al.  They’re like a roller-coaster of emotions, all the time.  Very detail oriented and inquisitive, very big hearts but very naive, often to the point where you feel “surely you know better by now?” Givers.
  • Scorpios: self-absorbed…apparently they’re sexual but likely very selfish lovers, if it doesn’t concern them then it simply doesn’t matter.  However if it does, then its worthy of national attention.
  • Sagattarius:  Ostentatious, but really just a louder *yawn*

Have yall had similar experiences with these zodiacs?  I can already count on a Virgo telling me I’m so wrong about them and that they are (insert all the good things in the world), and a Libra telling me I hurt their feelings…anyone else care to chime in?


8 thoughts on “What i know about…

  1. Aries : Very me centered. Also impulsive.

    Taurus : I liken them to bulls in a field of flowers. They won’t move for much, but when they do, watch out!

    Gemini : Make a decision! Stand by it!

    Cancer : Heart on their sleeves…not always a good thing.

    Leo: Person A: “I went to the store.” Leo: “I went to TWO stores! Suck on that! AND the stores I went to were AWESOME!!!”

    Virgo : Don’t ask their opinion unless you want your feelings hurt.

    Libra : Chameleons depending on their situations.

    Scorpio : Opposite of Taurus (no really they technically are.) Almost always charging at something.

    Sag : People people. Talk a lot sometimes.

    Capricorn : EXTREMELY discerning. EXTREMELY!

    Aquarius : I don’t know any either…

    Pieces : Quite emotional. Reads into everything.

    Sun signs are tricky though.

    They’re not really good predictors of a person’s personality. THAT is more based on rising (ascendant) signs as that is the sign you project to others.

    I’m around a lot of Capricorns. I’m Taurus Capricorn rising, my dad is a cap (not sure rising…probably a water sign), Frog is a cap (Libra rising)… none really suffer from hypochondria…but all do have a “do you matter/does this benefit me, no? then you don’t exist” way about them that can be extremely cold at times. They’re also rather unemotional…to a fault.

    I’d be interested to know the birth charts of bloggers…it would be interesting if certain signs blog more than others.

    1. That would be interesting, I wonder what the signs are for the bloggers I follow regularly… Funny thing about Caps-my moms one and two friends of mine and they are all the same and bad about hypocondriasis, I actually read it somewhere in random research. I can tell you that my decisive nature have 0 tolerance for their dramatics and indecision. Funny about Leos though because they’re like that, but would never admit it. Unless there was an award for it.

  2. Also, in my experience they are the opposite of unemotional, they are as emotional as Libras but are very harsh in expressing them. I tell ya they’re loco hot cocoa

  3. Wow, from these descriptions you run into a lot of crazy folks! Maybe it’s the therapist mentality? Anyway here’s my two cents…

    Capricorn- I have to defend my sign! Caps tend to be worrywarts at their worst but we are so much more at our best. My Cap friends and I are very goal oriented, to the point of being socially aloof. If you don’t bring anything to the table, you can’t eat with us. We can be pessimistic but it’s only because we plan for the worst and have plans B-E as a backup. Not easily trusting, has a great sarcastic sense of humor that we only display for our good friends. However, if you need something done well and efficiently you need us on your team. Goat = Greatest Of All Time 😀

    Aquarius- Great friends. Creative and original. However, their minds are always somewhere else and they like their freedom, so they find serious relationships difficult. They’re probably that friend you would never talk to if you didn’t call first, but who’s always happy to hear from you.

    Pisces- ??? Not much experience with them.

    Aries- Aggressive and charismatic. You either love them or hate them, there’s not any in between.

    Taurus- One of the friendliest signs. Loyal to a fault, really down to earth. You can argue with them but it’s a waste of time b/c you’ll never change their minds.

    Gemini- That two faced thing is REAL and the reason why none of my closest friends are Geminis. Too unpredictable.

    Cancer- Clingy and moody. Needs lots of reassurance. Can be very intimate w/ you and then suddenly be very distant for no reason.

    Leo- Not always arrogant, but definitely have a way of getting people’s attention. Can be very generous or very stingy.

    Virgo- Perfectionists who can’t be pleased.

    Libra- Indecisive. Nothing is ever black and white. Have a tendency to be doormats b/c they never want to believe the worst of people.

    Scorpio- Very observant. They’ll give everybody a chance but as soon as you mess up, it’s over. Forever. (My boyfriend is a Scorpio and he’s definitely not selfish or we wouldn’t have made it this far! lol)

    Sagittarius- Fun loving and adventurous. Always likes to try something new.

    1. I like yours!! LOL Ok @ Caps, yall are cooky, admit it! Ha I kid, but seriously if my mom wasn’t my mom and my friends weren’t my friends I’d have nothing to do with them. They drive me crazy but are the best people you’d want on your side in a pinch.
      HA @Scorps- perhaps there is an exception? Or maybe he’s on the cusp…The ones I know see things from their pov seem to have a hard time empathizing. Only…it doesn’t come across as “a hard time” it comes across as complete disinterest. The Caps I know are super tough to get to know…you guys have an interesting combo!

      And I use the term crazy loosely, I think we’re all a bit crazy. In this sense my “crazy” is difficult to get along with. I think Virgos still take the cake there though…they are an impossible breed. Funny that you hit Cancer on the head…I can’t think of a Cancer with enough of a personality to write about…my step-dad and sister are both Cancers and they just…are? LOL

      1. Ahhh. One of my exes was a Cancer (it ended fantastically horribly), and the other was a Libra. My Scorpio bf is the first guy I dated who I’m astrologically compatible with. Coincidence? Maybe not.

        I do admit he’s a total jerk to people he doesn’t like and you are SO right about the complete disinterest thing. But I’ve never known him to cut off anybody for a frivolous reason- he just doesn’t like people who purposely misrepresent themselves.

  4. “Gemini: crazy! They don’t think they are crazy though, so its fun. And maybe its not really crazy so much that they do have to two sides and so they may contradict themselves often and appear to flip flop, I’m sure it all makes sense to them.”
    — You’re right, it alll makes sense in my head!! I don’t think its so much Gemini’s are two-faced (I’m on the cusp and I claim Gemini) but for me its more of an .. I’m this way until you turn me off … and anyone can turn you off a co-worker, lover, friend. then the see the other side but I think that’s a trait of everyone.

    I once sat and did my astrological chart. I wish i still had it ..

    Pisces — hhmmm … Well the last situation I had was with a Pisces and they are like Gems, they have 2 sides. My gma is a Pisces and so was my ex – roomie. My gm and I always have a battle of wills.

    Scorps – I have a rather large number of Scorpio friends. November is the WORST month for me with birthdays and they are all sooo different, well except 2 of them, they are both obsessive and nit-picky and always need to anticipate whats next, esp in relationships.

    Aquarius – they need to be constantly stimulated from my experience with a close friend.

    Aries – scatterbrained. Many ideas, and not many come to fruition. They mean well and are loyal.

    hhhmmm … I dated a Leo once. A leo who was a writer of poetry. It was an interesting experience. He did need ego stroking.

    Libra – The libra I dated was just tooooo quiet. I needed more personality.

    I think that’s all I got. for now!

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