I’m broke.

Now before you judge me, let me remind you that I make an oh so fabulous lifestyle complete with cross country jetsets to visit my man, and hair product binges happen while also maintaining my everyday fiscal responsibilities all with only a part-time job and no outside help.  Now.  Back to my brokeness…I needed blue eyeshadow.  Why, you ask? Well because I like it. So I was holding out until Christmas when surely someone would give me the money and or gift cards that I requested to visit a M.A.C. or Sephora and get my shadow. I, however, couldn’t wait.  I was in Target and thought I’d just look at see what was out there (BTW discount make up is NOT cheap, you may as well buy the good stuff!!!) and I found a blue shadow for like $10.  As I rounded the corner I stumbled upon Target discount make up *gasp* I got this little treasure:

An entire makeup palette for $5!!!!!!!!! WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I figured, even if it was craptastic, it was only $5!!!!!!!!!!! So no harm no foul right??? This weekend I’m going to Miami for a wedding and I can’t wait to play with the colors.  What a dang steal.  Not only that, but the shadows go on great! I couldn’t be happier with my steal of a deal.


One thought on “Cheating…

  1. We are >here<. The past year I majorly downsized my wardrobe, so now I'm wearing the same clothes all the time and it's driving me crazy… shopping will be done next weekend because new clothes make me happy 😀

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