Lesson Learned pt. a million

Here are a few of my lessons learned from the weekend, note: I will vent this last time via this post and then I’m burying the situation-it happened, its over. Moving on:

  • Never fly American Airlines
  • Always fly Delta
  • Miami airport sucks, especially if you’re a vegetarian-double especially if you’re a vegetarian that doesn’t eat junk food.
  • Being considerate is top 3 things of importance in my world.
  • You don’t “have” to do anything.
  • Grandmothers know everything…everything.
  • People’s nasty attitudes have nothing to do with you, additionally-your good attitude has nothing to do with them; in both instances attitude is a reflection of internal motives.
  • Nobody likes Burger King-especially vegetarians.
  • Never attend a wedding alone.
  • Spoiling kids=huge mistake.
  • Everyone loves a complimentary happy hour.
  • Pretzels are nasty.
  • Miami is not my kind of city.
  • Insecure people do a lot of strange things.
  • Home is truly where the heart is.
  • I have the greatest FRIENDS ever.  Deeds included.

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