Coloring :-/

I really miss coloring.

Nothing like a nice…crayon…to put a smile on a girls face.

Especially if you love the crayon.

I mean not saying that you have to love it.

Sometimes a girl just needs to color.

Just for the fun of it…

Gimme a capri sun and the occasional snack and I can color for hours.


I get to color this Christmas.

Color me excited.


…and don’t bring up finger paints-

its not the same.

I much prefer crayons.

Just sayin


5 thoughts on “Coloring :-/

  1. Coloring is therapeutic. I also have a preference for crayons. My kids love markers, but for me (in addition to the messiness) markers lack texture. crayons give me lots of texture. My favorite activity to do with my kids is pulling out the crayons and coloring books.

  2. *sigh* i miss coloring with thick crayons =/ i’m determined to color or get colored before this year is out damnit!! LOL

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