Here is my blog of things I am thankful for, as promised to Miss Lucy care of EpicThanks

I am thankful for where I am in life-struggling, broke, and often in solitude…these things have given me ample time to self-reflect and self examine.  I’m a little in love with myself right now.

I’m thankful for the players-if, in fact all the world is a stage.  My friends and non-friends alike, I’m thankful for them all because everyone plays a part.

I’m thankful for my family of origin, and my potential new family in Deeds.

I’m thankful for words, they are my first love and I only cheat on them with silence, which is not the absence of words but only the space between.

I’m in love with words, the spoken and unspoken, however they come to me.

I’m thankful for beauty, and really the ability to see it in all things.

I’m thankful for every tear I’ve ever cried that got me down on my knees in the position I needed to be in to water my faith.

I’m thankful for that co-worker at Old Navy that told me I inspired her–you changed my life.


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