Late 20s

At 25 my body started rejecting the young/single/fabulous lifestyle. This was months before I was in a relationship too. I couldn’t drink like I used to, be out as late or as many days in a row, I craved more alone time than ever, and dinners started to be less necessary and more novel. In short, and 25 I started settling down.

At 26 (and a half) my body started betraying me completely. First, I swear to you my hips got bigger and so did my breasts. I got more womanly…I thought that happened at 14?! Then, I started thinking about babies. Not marriage-babies. Now for me, its a non-negotiable to be wed before children so I logically throw in a husband when I think kids. My body, however, was indifferent to a “him” and only wished for offspring. I started having dreams about them, and feeling a pull when I saw mothers and children. It is absolutely ridiculous.

I’m starting to wonder what 27 will hold. Its just around the corner at this point, and I’m thinking that perhaps I should start preparing myself for foolishness. I try not to freak my boyfriend out with my talks–recently I’ve been looking for jewelry (just an everyday watch and a gemstone ring) and I think he thinks that’s code for “buy me shiny sparkly things!” Or maybe even, “buy me THE shiny sparkly thing!!!” I assure him I’m not rushing engagement or any of it. Just my silly old internal desires. But what do they know…

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