Trim Backfire

Even though I swore I wouldn’t cut or put heat to my hair for a year, I just could not take my ends being so thin–I had to snip!  I actually cut about 3-4” off  and my hair went from touching my shoulders to touching my earlobe (and barely that in some cases).  Well it backfired because now its just courser and curlier, not to mention its winter so it needs ALL the moisture in the world.  I recently ran out of coconut oil which is a 911 situation, I’ll be getting more tomorrow first thing.  Now…my hair went from:

Shoulder length hair

And as you can see, there are big ringlet curls, I actually liked my hair this length because the ringlets were big and fun, I could wear it like this, or pull some forward, or even push it back and it was a curly mess which I dug.  Now, however its shorter and looks like this:

Earlobe length hair

Now, you can see that the curls are tighter, my hair is not as high or full.  What you can’t see is how freaking tangled this stuff gets!!! OMG My hair has never been difficult to detangle because it is (for the most part) not thick at all…is there a such thing as thin, course hair? It’s not even course just…idk…and it gets frizzy in back where its curlier.  One of these days I’ll think to take a picture of it wet to post.  I’ve recently switched to Oyin Handmade’s Honey Wash after KaNisa suggested it, and its great!!! I also got their whipped shea butter which I love for styling and sealing my ends (I used to have to melt shea down so it wasn’t so heavy but the whipped is easier and lighter).  The honey wash is amazing for detangling and moisture.  My hair soaks up moisture like its dying and I’ve noticed a lot less knotts and that it’s a lot softer since I’ve been using the honey wash.  On the nicer days here in the A I even did a wash-n-go and didn’t look a hot mess 4 hours later (holla).

I recently realized that it may not be that my hair was heat damaged or still chemically treated (I haven’t had a perm since Feb 2008 and I am scissor happy) but that when my front gets longer, it just doesn’t curl, its like a kink that grows into straighter hair…its really infuriating because the crown and back are like curl city (even if I brush it it curls into one big curl like little kids hair :-/) I will continue probing the internet until I figure out what to do with it short of investing in lots of headbands.  And this time, I swear…no more drastic cuts!!


3 thoughts on “Trim Backfire

  1. It happens like that sometimes. Your hair looks cute both ways though! I decided to go natural (I’ve been experiencing hair envy on the regular & I’m ready to try something new) so I got a cute little short bob this weekend. It’s all one length so I can snip my ends gradually and do a not-so Big Chop in April. Woot!

  2. Thank you and yay on your new journey (and yes, its definitely a journey). Relearning to do your hair all over again can get challenging, but just let your hair do what it wants–it will anyway lol. I feel you on the not-so BC, I didn’t really BC and after I went natural I flat ironed my hair and wore sew-ins for a year! Missed my whole “experience”. This year I’ve been curly pretty much all year, its definitely been interesting but now I’m obsessed with texture.

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