There’s this girl in my class…she annoyed the shit out of me.  She’s completely closed minded, abrasive, rude, and more often than not-WRONG!  During the course of the semester she has made it clear that she is “grown” despite the fact that she’s in her mid20s and has never left her parents house.  She doesn’t pay any of her own bills and doesn’t see anything wrong with that because “[she’s] in graduate school, and when [she] graduates [she]’ll be better off than all her friends.”  Recently she applied for a position at my job, and everything in my body said “Noooooooooo!” I don’t want her near my site, infecting clients with her craziness.  Then I thought, well maybe she can learn something working there.  Even more recently I asked myself why this crazy girl got to me so much.  Are her issues even my problem? NO! Classic case of making OPS, MS.

For the record thats “other people’s shit” and “my shit”.  Now, this chick’s lack of a clue has nothing to do with me.  Whether she is intelligent, empathetic, or even grown has 0 bearing on my life.  It does bother me that she feels the need to throw it up in people’s faces, but why I can’t just ignore her and laugh because I recognize peacocking when I see it, I don’t know.  I do know that its my issue, not hers.  For all the things “wrong” with this girl, the fact that she gets under my skin is not her fault its mine.  And if I want it to stop happening, I have to examine myself, not her.  Most of the people in my classes like and respect me, I’m cool with that.  She and a handful of others don’t like me as they think I “know it all.”  Anyone who knows me knows that I make stuff up ALL the time, so that is definitely not the case.  Opinionated, very, but quick to share that opinion? Only if I’m sure I can back it up with sound facts.  I’m a true introvert thinker, I’m not about to just blab for the sake of hearing myself.  In class, she (and the hand full of others) will always find it necessary to contradict me no matter the topic.  I find it humorous.  Because, as I stated-if I’m speaking up I can back it up.  Furthermore I’m a stubborn taurus, and not much of what you say is going to make me change my mind anyway.  That’s a case of TS, not MS.

As the semester ends and surely I will have no other classes with the girl, I think to myself about how she went from annoying to laughable.  I gave her HS back. I’m not the smartest girl in the world, or even in classes but I know MS.  I study, and work in my field and I have a nerdy habit of reading journals for fun.  I had to remember this.  Jess, this girl is acting out…you are grown and don’t have to, so stop.  I don’t have to prove anything to anybody, nor defend myself.  I’m good.  *sigh* feels good to be rid of S I don’t need, and especially S that isn’t MS! Grow up or don’t miss lady, my world will continue spinning.

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