Baby, I’m a STAR

Normally, I’m a sit in the background people watcher kind of person. Lately, I’ve been more willing to receive attention. Not sure when or why this changed. One thing I’ve noticed is that my appetite has literally chopped itself in half. As a result I’ve dropped a few lbs. I dunno that anyone but me can tell…but my clothes fit differently and the sort. That’s always fun.

Also, I have been doing school and job applications so I’ve been bragging on myself. I gotta say, I do a lot; and very well. This semester I was a lunatic. I took 4 classes (in Graduate school each class is supposedly 2ugrad classes and we’re only supposed to take 3), taught/supervised a Grad intro class, interned doing counseling, worked as a coordinator on a Federal grant, and still had time to travel every single month. Its disgusting when you think about it. What was I thinking? That I wanted it all lol, it was fun. Tiring, but fun.

Next semester I’ll be taking my Tao of Healing class that I’ve been excited about since last spring. And I’ll be taking lots of tests to get OUT of Grad school. I’ll also be job searching/PhD interviewing and figuring out my future. I’m hopeful though, and I know the places I’m headed were meant just for me. How exciting is that?

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