I graduate in 5 months, provided that I pass all these exit exams and such-but we shan’t worry about these things.  The important thing that I have recently begun to consider is what to wear!!!!!! Now, my school colors are red|white|blue and of course I’ll be wearing a black gown, and my Masters hood is blue and red…so I want to wear one of those two colors.  So, lets consider:

I wish that this belt wasn’t like “included” in the dress, because I don’t want to wear black heels :-/ but I like the shape of the dress, and I think that’d look good on me.  So…lets keep looking… what about this?

I really wish this was more cobalt than navy, but I really like this dress, and I could definitely rock this with pearls and red lips (hey…a girl only gets to be a star so many days in her life-we must take full advantage)

I definitely think I’ll be getting a room at the GLENN hotel or maybe my old favorite the W-Midtown for after grad celebration convenience to the city.  I’m inviting all my friends to come down, and I’m soooo excited.  I guess I better find out what the “cool” spot is these days so I can save up and book for a party.  So amped, this program took away my social life, and starting May 7th I’m taking it back!


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