Hair woes

On the one hand, I’d love nothing more than a head FULL of kinky curls like this…on the other hand-I’d die.  Because believe it or not, I’m sure she doesn’t wake up like that; its 90% probable that she actually has to DO her hair.  :-/ Is it possible that I’m self-sabatoging my hair? LOL

Ok, so you know how I made that deal with myself that I wouldn’t cut nor put heat to my hair for a year, just to see what would happen length wise.  Well, Then I cut it.  Ok but justifiably it needed it! The front was just way too straight and the back ends were thin and wispy.  Not cute.  However, did I have to cut as much as I did? Well…maybe not.  I was recently reading Black Girl, Long Hair, and came across THIS post, now you’ll notice that her hair is gorg, but I dunno if I ever want that much hair.  I’d go crazy!

I was noticing that even when my hair was relaxed, I kept it at a certain length and in a certain style…when I was younger, my hair was a lot longer (and thicker) though.  I know that it has the potential for greatness, but do I really want it?  Its enough of a headache now that its cold to have to make sure its dry and “done” before I walk out the house every morning.  Believe me, everyday would be a wash-n-go if it were warm.  I just dunno…I swear I’m done chopping, but what gonna happen? Its already touching my neck again in the back and that’s usually when I get the itch to snip. The front is mid-way down my nose…I gotta keep going…maybe I’ll try these two strand twists naturals rave about.  Everybody wants all the length, and I want all the shrinkage-what is wrong with me? LOL…

3 thoughts on “Hair woes

  1. Too cold. I’m doing half wigs.

    That’s right I said it!

    It’s like a skull cap hat you don’t have to take off!

    I also got the new Oyin Handmade “hair dew” :

    “looking for a product to wake up and moisturize your ‘second day hair’? looking for a way to make your hair pliable enough to re-style without a full rinse? just want to refresh your coils and curls and give them a shot of moisture before sealing? this leave-in is your answer! plays well with other oyin leave-ins and stylers. ”

    I’ll let you know what I find out.

  2. i saw your comment on BGLH. & i so co-sign. i had a good routine & now the winter is messing it up. all i wanna do is wear my ‘fro out. 😦

    but i feel your hair woes. try 2ST. it’s definitely a style for shrinkage. plus, twistouts are awesome.

  3. I made a vow to myself that tonight I would do a deep condition, and then 2st my hair. I would then leave it for as long as I could (which likely wouldn’t be more than a few days) before I washed it and did it again. I refuse to let this style be the death of me lol…

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