Adventures in Deep Conditioning

I’m just going to caption the pix…that seems like a smarter thing to do in this instance.

Ok, so first I washed with warmed up honey and apple cider vinegar. Then I mixed Oyin Handmade's Honey wash, HEHH, coconut oil, and EVOO and let it sit in my hair for like two hours
Its in there pretty thick, and I just sat in a cap for two hours and let it soak in
This was after I'd washed it clean and towel dried...never mind the "frizziness"-its product free and halfway dry, the fact that even half a curl is visible is good lol--however, it was SO soft, omg omg I can't wait to DC again
Next...I separated hair into four sections, started in the back, and rolled using T.Wajid's lock gel and sealing with Oyin's whipped shea butter. I tried to use wrapping paper on the ends but that s**t just doesn't work for me, so *shrug*
The next day, unrolled it, and this is how it looks initially...
I was trying this headband out...I didn't end up wearing it though because I liked it more pulled forward than pushed back
Here's a pic from the side...These are Deed's favorite curls but they don't keep very long...I figured it would be ok for a few days.
This is how I looked just waking manipulation, I literally just rolled out the bed and took off my satin bonnet.
Forgive the lack of make-up and such...but there ya go, here's day2 and its messy but I like it...its closer to how my hair was before I cut it.



5 thoughts on “Adventures in Deep Conditioning

  1. You know, I’ve never tried to roller set my hair since I’ve been natural. I wonder if it would turn out right since I’d have to use the big rollers…all this hair..

    Get you some of this Hair Dew by Oyin! I tried it today and it’s awesome! Super defined curls and soft!

  2. I shall have to wait until pay day for more Oyin, my hair is currently sooooooo soft I’m in love with it. It looks like a mess of curls, but hey its fun 🙂

  3. so i just discovered your blog a couple of days ago and i must say i absolutely love it!!!! i didn’t know you did your own hair and i didn’t know you used those simple rollers! here i am trying to save for curlformers smh…i guess i underestimated the throwback rollers because i love this look!!

  4. @Keema Lol gotta work with what you got! I haven’t gotten my hair “done” since I had a sew in. I’ll go to great clips and get a trim at MOST, but I have always done my own hair as far as styling-even when relaxed. Good luck with your styling endeavors!! Thanks for reading 🙂

  5. Your hair looks adorable in the pics.
    I make a similar product w/o the beeswax, sure it doesn’t compete for the chocolate smell but I think we’re worth a try.

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