Deeds and I have this thing…when we share a common thought or finish each others sentence we always say “90” because when we were first dating it was so wild learning how similar we were. So one night we joked that we were 90% similar; that other 10% is how we keep the fire lit I suppose lol. Anyway, so a friend of mine was over eating dinner…she’d brought take out. She didn’t finish her meal but was going to just throw it all away. Now, while I certainly didn’t want her half eaten food I was surprised she didn’t want to save it for later or lunch the next day.
*sidebar* I realize that some people are weird about leftovers, however this friend is wasteful in general, with clothes, food, furniture, etc. *end*
Now, said friend is coming up on some financial hardships and I couldn’t help but think, “waste not, want not.” Old folks sayings are really hitting the spot these days. But I promised myself and I promised Deeds that in our life, we will NOT be wasteful, or financially irresponsible. We will NOT live beyond our means, nor play lil “keeping up” games. We just won’t. I refuse.
I plan to model hard work, modesty, and personal fulfillment for my family. My joy does not come via things. Yes I love a nice tv, couch, kitchen, but at the expense of my children’s education? No! At the expense of our retirement savings? No!
I don’t want a life of luxury and expense, I want a life full of laughter and love. Those things are free and priceless. Deeds feels the same way. For us, if we never have 6 figures in the bank and still have love then we’ve won. I knew he was the one when he described what being a father meant to him. (I’ve “known” lots of other times too). I’ve always just wanted family. The rest is nice, but family is it for me. For us. 90.


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