Its all about me

Yesterday, I looked at myself in the mirror as I was doing my hair and thought, “Regardless of family, friends, love, or whoever I need to always be able to look in the mirror and like what I see.”  I saw in myself the potential to become someone that I was not proud of and I had to tell myself (only one good time) that NO ONE was worth ME.

I talked to a friend of mine who’s married and she said that if things don’t work out between her and her husband she would never do it again.  I agree with her at least for now.  If things go sour for Deeds and I, there’s just no way.  I’d have to really be knocked down by love by Jesus himself.  In a relationship, or even not in one- listening to mom/dad/sister/brother/aunt/uncle/etc. you sometimes lose yourself in being the role.  I vow never to do that.

I am not just a girlfriend.  I am not just anything…I am.  Period.


2 thoughts on “Its all about me

  1. it’s so easy to lose yourself trying to fit into all these roles and expectations. But once you have that conviction to always be true to yourself, there’s a voice inside that always checks me when I start to drift. I’ve trained that voice to say “Keep you”. Meaning lose him, lose them, lose everything…but always keep you. Right on.

    1. Ooooh!!! I like that, “keep you.” It is very, very difficult. I try to remember that who I am is what people love, so I have to stay true to that. Yours is more aptly put. I’ll be using it!

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