All of a sudden

A and I long ago discussed the mythical existence of “all of a sudden” phenomenons. I, being the strong Taurean than I am, believe my truth to be absolute and finite. But, what about love? The only explanation I can come up with is…something I wrote to the love of my life a while back:
“…And in the story of my life, he is on every page. Pages long before he existed, because I write from a place of him. An encapsulating present that absolutely corrupts my past, and manipulates my future in the most beautiful him ways. My story was, is, and ever shall be of us.”

Superficially, it may have seemed that all of a sudden there was a guy…a guy 3000 miles away. A guy that took piercing interest in me. A guy that had a heart that housed all the good things in the world. All of a sudden…I fell in love. But, realistically? Two years prior to him I said no to random hookups. Five years prior to him I took my heart back from the undeserving. Seven years before him I knew that he would have to love me even more fiercely. Ten years before him I would meet the man who would make me believe in marriage. Fifteen years before him I would get a father that would show me what a father does. And twenty six years before him, I was created, birthed, and brought here, just for him. So no…I still don’t believe in all of a sudden. It was all a long time coming.

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