Jess Willing

At the end of any good epiphany I always ask my clients, “So what are you willing to do differently?” It dawned on me to ask myself this question.

#1. Finances…I have been good about budgeting and keeping bills paid, but I can’t seem to get ahead or…save or…just ever feel afloat. So, what am I willing to do differently? Cut the bullshit. This includes everything from travel to clothing to hair, everything. I’m about to graduate, I need to have savings…plain and simple.

#2. I have yet to stick to a workout plan, and I am determined to. I pay for my gym in my tuition, why am I not using it?? What am I willing to do differently? When I’m feeling “bored” I’m gonna go run…or to a class or something. I really want to start every work day with a workout… I’m over discussion with no action.

#3. Unwanted friends…I’m not the best at asserting myself and its weird to say that. I’m not passive…I just won’t act. Well…it always leaves ME feeling drained. What am I willing to do differently? Be honest! If I’m uninterested in continuing the relationship its just not going to work. I want a rich life with rich relationships…trimming split ends is necessary for growth.

#4. My hair…tonight I literally almost chopped it all off. I’ve been driving myself CRAZY this winter trying to keep it moisturized and stop it from frizzing and just…losing. What am I willing to do differently? Above all I want healthy hair. I’m going to get it cut and blown out. I’m going to keep getting it professionally done too, every 6 weeks and I’ll do it in between. I just can’t torture myself anymore. Curls aren’t the only form of natural, and I don’t even think it looks good all frizzy and dry.

I’m sure there’s more…I need to ask myself this everytime I find myself unhappy with something in my life.


One thought on “Jess Willing

  1. I log on every few weeks to see what is going on, and when I can remember. The last time I logged in was after the wedding. Tonight I decided to check it out and comment on #3. As a friend, I completely understand and appreciate your need for growth. Friendships are relational and should not be transactional. If one person is constantly taking from the other there is no longer a relationship and it can become very draining, as you have/are experiencing. I wish you a rich life filled with rich relationships and blessings, I love you and you have been the best friend!

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