Being American is Killing Americans pt.5 (Industry of Slavery)

Industry always seeks to be a master; if industry is the master then guess who the slaves are? Ok so consider this of our food industry, with corn being the top grain we have begun to mass produce it as integral to many other different foods. Why? Biochemically speaking, if people eat foods that cause pathway inflammation or blockage then they accelerate their death…moving out of the therapeutic window (the space between living illness and death).  Keeping in mind that “we” work to maintain a stasis within that window, having corn-based products and undertreating the American citizen health wise is FAR more beneficial economically than producing healthy foods and supporting homeopathic or even preventative health care methods.
So then, consider the natural/organic food industry. The foods are more rare, and costly AND the guidelines for producing “organic” food are far more questionable than that of corn-based junk foods. The tedium makes it nearly impossible to escape the industry plantation.  You may seek to eat organic or vegan foods, but the FDA being the regulating body over our food taxonomy brings pause.  It should be cut and dry, if a food is produced with preservatives, or by unnatural means of production then it should not be classified as organic, however we all know this is not the case.  As a result, the food industry can benefit from both corn-based junk foods AND seemingly organic healthy foods while you, the consumer are none the healthier.
At what point, if ever, will society decide that the subpar living standards outlined in the therapeutic window are not good enough? Will it ever be profitable to be well? And how does a capitalistic society sell wellness to its people?  Wellness is of course immeasurable and intangible.  It is holistic in nature meaning it encompasses mind body and spirit, there is virtually no way to mass produce general well-being for the mind and for the spirit.  And if there is then I’m sure some pharmaceutical company is working on the marketing campaign as we speak.
The truth is, obesity is more profitable than being thin…ironic since junk food cost less. But if fat people exist and the dream of thinness is sold then there will ALWAYS be a demand for ways to get thin. This alone stimulates health care, nutritionists, exercise facilities and professionals, food industry, clothing, etc. If America’s chief export is expertise then we’re masters of reverse psychology. We haven’t moved one day past slavery.  Always sell the lack, if you make people want what only a few can obtain then you will create infinite demand and drive industry…and such is life with a master.

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