As nerdy as this is, I’ve internally thought of myself as Spock.  Half Vulcan half human, because I rely so heavily on a need for logic.  Things have to make sense to me in order for them to truly process and fit in my life.  My job is paying for all of us counselors to become certified practitioners of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator.  What that means is that we take the test a bunch of times and do a bunch of workshops to learn the instrument and its uses.  Today I settled down to take the test very lasidasically as I’ve always gotten the same results, since I was 14 years old I’ve been an INTJ.  Well today I got my results and I’ve changed!  I am now an IN*F*J (an Introverted Intuitive FEELING Judge).  I was shocked! Here are a few facts about INFJs from the administrators:

INFJs have a gift for intuitively understanding complex meanings and human relationships. They are conscientious, committed to their firm values, and quietly forceful. They develop a clear vision about how best to serve humanity and are likely to be organized and decisive in implementing their vision.They value home, family, health, friendships, spirituality, and learning.
INFJ Descriptors:

•   Creative•   Insightful•   Abstract•   Visionary•   Idealistic•   Complex•   Sensitive•   Caring•   Compassionate•   Empathetic•   Organized•   Hard driving•   Decisive•   Individualistic•   Mysterious•   Reserved•   Deep•   Private•   Intense•   Persistent
Characteristics of INFJs

• INFJs are driven to implement their vision, often sacrificing personal comfort.• They want to understand what motivates people and are insightful about others.• They have little interest in details, people, or work that is not relevant to their vision.• INFJs base their decisions and actions on their strong personal values.• They always see possibilities for how to help others develop.

INFJs with others

• INFJs have great insight into what is most important to others.• They empathically understand the feelings and motivations of others. • They may share their internal intuitions only with those they trust.• They are loyal to people and institutions that share their values.• INFJs are committed to growth and development for themselves and significant others. • They readily show compassion and caring for others.• They value authenticity and commitment in relationships


Holy Toledo! That does sound like me.  More like me right now than ever.  Perhaps as I’ve grown spiritually and in love, its just something that naturally happens.  Also, given where I am in my life.  I am in a counseling Masters program, counseling people daily, teaching classes about how to counsel, etc.  My life revolves around feeling and empathy! I wonder though, why now?  Last year all of these things were true and I was still a thinker.

I do believe that my somatic logic has taken precedence though.  I have consciously tried to increase my faith and get out of my head.  I’ve been working on leaning on acceptance rather than understanding.  ((the fact that I have to make sense of this is some kind of humorous, is it not?))  Whatever the case may be…I’ll take it.  Here’s to always becoming.


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