10 reasons I am giving up The Game

10.  Quincy aka Terance J…Tasha Mack did a MAJOR downgrade because how you go from bagging Rick Fox (RICK.FOX) to a damn club promoter.  He already in the crib, showing and eating and stuff and he’s only been around a month? Huh? Tasha…I expected better of you.

**Editors Note** My Artieka told me that Terance J had been around for 6-months, not 1.  My response to that is, What Would Ruby Dee Do?  Carry on…

9.  Kelly Pitts…why is she still bitter? Why did you take your anger out on your hair? Is that a Angelina tattoo?  What reality show do you watch that talks directly into the camera?  Is her show going to air on BET too?

8.  Girl Melanie has her MD in Fucking Up.  She doesn’t know how to scheme, when you have news like that you gotta keep it to yourself for a while! And aren’t you a scientists, don’t you know about reliability and validity? Why didn’t you get two tests? You didn’t have two q-tips? And WHY did you tell Derwin like “oh by the way” ? Now you got a damn hole in the wall…fool!

7.  Whoever wrote for Janay… the Janay I know was not a swagger jacker, ESPECIALLY not for Girl Melanie.  Writers you fucked up here. And what about her response to “Is DJ mine?” Janay just sat there like :-O I mean…Janay was always the angry black girl, but today she got the Home Alone face? Aw ok.

6.  The Britt-Bratt down/upgrade…now I never liked the Brittany they had before, she just looked like some racially ambiguous child they found in a cataloge.  However, the re-casting of what appeared to be a future video “model” as the new angst-y Brittany just didn’t sit well in my spirit.

5.  Malik and Tasha not even speaking. Can I have some back story here? I don’t understand why they passed each other in the club and didn’t even do the “wassup” nod.  Do better Malik ElDebarge Wright! Additionally, Malik not being the abrasively harsh voice of reason. Once again we go back to the writing, we got all of the angst and none of the logic that used to come with Malik’s character.  I feel like everybody’s worst traits were amplified with none of the good which just left me despising everybody on the show by the end of the hour.

4. TT wasn’t funny.  He was so unfunny that I almost felt sorry for him even being back on the show stuck in that chicken shack with  Nefertiti Natural.   Then of course the Natural girl was a light-skinned earthy girl who just so happened to also be a freak… not predictable at all.

3. Meagan Good.  Soooooo we had to hire a professional to play trash.  Noted. Yall could’ve dispersed that budget to wardrobe and make-up because both Kelly Pitts and Girl Melanie were failures.

2. Kelsey Grammar…stop producing black trash.  I hope Camille hires Michael Douglas’s ex-wife’s lawyer.  I think you hate black people. You made me hate black women with Girlfriends, and now I’m hating Black relationships.

1.  The show format.  Give me a laugh track, give me 30-minutes, give me one problem that is solved by the end and one that threads the season together, give me characters that like each other, give me BACK Kelly Pitt’s livingroom couch as the “coffee shop” type meeting place, give me back what made me like The Game in the first place!

They never shoulda gave you n****s money…twice!


16 thoughts on “10 reasons I am giving up The Game

  1. As much as we always disagree when it comes to The Game….I must agree with most of this. And Rick Fox….my heart is completely broken and for right now I am anti-Tasha Mack. We know I loved her *sigh*. But, the only one you DIDN’T piss me off was Jason….I’m glad I can have a little hope in him….maybe?

  2. And Derwin did not use the word BOO one time!!! Wth!! BET was once again trying to do too much and doing nothing at all… Terrance J was the largest annoyance to me!

  3. I agree! Its like the characters are not the same. I miss the old malik,Kelly and Tasha mainly. I don’t like the new characters at all…Terrence was a mess and it seemed a but awkward/creepy to see Tasha mac slobbing him down like he was the last steak at the klumps dinner table. It was weird. The main thing that turned me off was the racist comments made about the baby being dark skinned with kinky hair (REALLY BET??!!?) I am very disappointed that was totally uncalled for. It left a bad taste in my mouth and I will not be tuning in next week 2 thumbs down!

    And p.s. I agree with the whole Brit-brat thing just two years ago she was an Annoying little powder puff girl playing kiddie soccer and now she is a totally different character (which I was praying for) but now she looks like a 18 year old woman!
    And btw, what happened to rick fox and Stacy dash? …so not a fan! And don’t get me started on that bs show let’s stay together! SMGDH

  4. I’m not a TV watcher really, I have about 5 shows that I watch regularly… along with sports. I’ve seen The Game in its previous format on the CW and I thought it was an okay show… so after ALL the hoopla I decided to give it a chance. From the beginning to the end, I had the completely confused face. For several reasons, but mainly because we already have the news and bad reality TV to depict us negatively… yet millions of people tuned in to watch every stereotype amplified on the ragged mountaintop that is BET. It reminded me a lot of a Tyler Perry production… most of which usually start with a good idea and end overdone. Couldn’t somebody have been normal last night? There usually is one savior – was that Terrance J or TT ?

    My point exactly.

  5. Hello all!!! Well I can agree to most of this, but I think I’m gonna shock some people by saying this but…..I think Terrance J did an excellent job with the role that was given. Now, he is a downgrade from Rick Fox; however, I do believe that he did a good job for WHAT was given to him to perform. There were things such as Tasha smoking a black, the shade of the baby’s skin and hair grade, the new Brit Brat, and Kelly being extra bitter, that could have been left out or at least transitioned better. I do feel like the characters are a different than before, but let’s remember this is two years later and the first episode. Let’s also remember that this was NEVER an epic television series. Let’s take it for what it is. If you were a fan of the show (like I am) I am willing to give the season a chance! P.S I never respond to blogs but I love the writer of this one!

    1. I’ll say that Terance did well with his role, I think I was just more upset at his role in general. I’m stuck on Rick Fox (Rick.Fox). The commentary on the baby’s skin shade and hair texture was definitely worthy of a dimmed eye/straight face, when will Black people ever get over this. I didn’t start watching The Game until the show was off the air, but this was just not working for me. I don’t expect a lot, but something just wasn’t gelling last night…

  6. I’ve only seen one or two shows prior to yesterday and because of all the hoopla I decided to tune in after I was “caught up” on the backstory. I can’t comment on how characters have changed or anything but, the hype definiately didn’t match the result. Twitter sold me a dream… again. This goes to show, when aprox 350 women [followers] agree on something… its probably a trap. LoL

  7. The riff between Kelly and Tasha is also not a strong suit for me, I feel that a large part of the show was the relationship between Tasha, Kelly and Girl Melanie … their bond was something you tuned in for..

      1. Kelly was actin a little childish…but seriously, when we are talkin about a triflin supposedly good friend that helped break up your MARRIAGE by hookin your husband up with a new chick…NOT OK. I wouldn’t be Tasha’s friend either, although I would choose to act my age. That bitterness would take a bit longer than 2 years to get rid of for me.

  8. I wrote a comment but it was so long that it deserved its own post! It should be up (with a pingback) momentarily 🙂

  9. Oh and am I the only one who noticed how different they are treating Kelly? I mean during the promo commercials when the actors were talking about how they were happy about being on BET, they did not give her a spot to talk about it. I mean I know she is not black but she was an important part of the show and also the cast was on the Monique show and she wasn’t there they were also on 106 and park and she wasn’t there either. And now her character is this bitter cougar gone wild!? I’m not understanding… Ok that’s enough of my ramblings lol

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