Plight of the enlightened

I’m tired of learning shit.

The more I learn about the world the further I want to turn up the Rihanna that plays in my head until I’m back in my happy place.  I don’t care about economic policy, the war in Afghanistan, the poverty in Haiti, the snow and ice, the unemployment rates, the government budget cuts, the homelessness, the diseases, the mental health field in shambles…I just don’t want to know.

Call it what you will, but the more I learn about these things the more disheartened I become as a citizen of the universe.  The more powerless I feel, and the more I question my own impact.  I learn something and I say to myself, does it really matter if I have a 4.0 in the grand scheme of things? I mean honestly…is that going to make anything better?

There’s something to that whole ignorance is bliss notion.

Eff the government.

Eff society.

Eff economics.

Eff politics.

Eff bureaucracy.

Eff everything that’s not synonymous with rainbows and sunshine.

Last year I learned how to balance friends and family…or rather their issues and not making them my own.  I learned how to let grown people be grown people and protect my own sanity.  How, now, do I justify wanting to make a difference to the greater whole that realistically doesn’t care about any of this shit either as long as The Bachelor is on TV, and McDonald’s stays open?  Damn it why do I care when no one else does?  Is it wrong to ask the Lord to take away my insight and just bless me with a song in my heart?

5 thoughts on “Plight of the enlightened

  1. Church! Steeple! Tabernacle!

    I have a perverse interest in the economic situation now and the more I learn, the more I wish I hadn’t dabbled.

    I don’t want to know! But me and others not knowing/caring is exactly how we got here!


  2. As a law student, I concur. I interviewed for a criminal law internship and while it would be a great opportunity, I also wonder if I can handle hearing horror stories day in and day out. It’s hard to separate your concern for humanity from your personal life but I guess it’s something we’ll learn by trial and error…

    1. I had to learn this being in counseling…I’d listen to peoples stories and think, “OMG how do you get through the DAY!?!?” I would take it home with me. My boyfriend was the one who was like um, babe…you have to learn to leave work at work. To some degree I do, because my non-involvement in their life is what actually HELPS me help them. If they needed subjectivity then they’d talk to friends right? No, they’re paying for a professional. AND if its something repetitive that you note you keep being affected by (like domestic violence cases, or something like that) then perhaps do some advocacy work in that field to supplement your personal fulfillment.

  3. It’s a plight, indeed. I keep my distance from the world news, politics and economy stuff because it gives me a headache. I try to know “just enough” to perhaps have a conversation and not come off like I live under a rock. Sometimes I feel that I should get more involved but it all distresses me. So I try to focus on where I feel I can make the world a better place in my way. You have to keep that insight and that song in your heart and share it because the world needs it. The world needs other things too, but focus on what you can do and not what you can’t do.

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