I’m a girl, so these are supposedly my BFFs…right? I’m in two weddings this year, attending double that, and know of double that! And that’s just so far this year…and its only mid-way through January.  Anyway, I was on the book of faces innocently enough photostalking smug marrieds when I saw an ad on the side for Knox Jewelers…I clicked on it and found lots of shiny pretty things that made my heart soar!  I’ve always loved diamonds.  They are my birthstone, and my mother is a fan of nice things (in general) so I grew up with a stern knowledge of the 4Cs and a keen eye for finer things.  While I do understand that lots of people just think the bigger the better; I am thinking, get me a D…E…or even F VVS solid carat solitaire in white gold (Platinum is too soft) band and I’d be ever so happy.  I do think that perfect>weight/size any day.  This is why people shop at places like Tiffany’s and Cartier, or Harry Winston…the standard of diamonds at those places are much higher compared to mall stores where you’d be lucky to get a diamond without quite a few storm clouds.  To each her own, if its pretty and makes you smile, then I say hey go for it…now…speaking of…

Pear Classic with Halo, .88 Carats, H/SI

Now, normally I’m not a huge fan of pear shaped diamonds but this one was so pretty on…check it: 

Agree? Its pretty right?  My go to cut is a cushion cut…with appropriately enough is shaped like a cushion (a rounded square).  I also usually prefer a solitaire with no halo and no other side stones…I am a girl who raves for simplicity….Honestly I’d freak for a good old


Can’t hurt to look at other stuff though right? Not like I’m getting hitched anytime soon I just like sparkle! Now as much as I like the simple perfection, I can’t say that I didn’t gasp and squeal at this one:

1.5 carat round cut diamond in cushion halo, Pave 18k white gold band

Is that too much?!? Yes…a bit lol but its so pretty!  My fingers are pretty skinny and 1.5 carats is a bit big for me (trust me, I’ve tried on plenty o’rings).  I can still marvel at the beauty though.  Man…one of these days I’m gonna actually wear one of these like EVERYday!   Growing up, if only for this reason, is awesome.


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