After looking at the pix below…I decided to go play in make-up and unknot my hair to see how it worked out. As a result  I got some fun little pictures…

Black and White ?
Enough of the hair being out...That style needs to last four days! Scarf-ing it up
Inspired by Chiquita Banana
Bare faces make me happy...bye bye MAC-up

And wouldn’t you know…out of all of the pictures I like the one with my bare face the best?  If only I had the energy to undo this scarf and pull back out the curly stuff…perhaps later in the week.

On a totally unrelated note…I’m not sure why but this outfit here is my kinda outfit…you know if I were more of a Carrie.  I’d totally wear this and a pair of heels and run around town and be fabulous. In my head I’m always way more cooler than I am in reality. I need to work on that.  Reason #1 I wanna move to Cali…they don’t think twice about people wearing whatever they want.  Maybe just Gee and I, but this dainty little fact made us joyous beyond belief.  Just saying…

Arrrrggghhh and with big hair and aviator glasses? Lord…in 2011 I’m going to work on being the fabulous as I feel. Amen.

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