Lessons from geese

Every year I watch the MLK Commemorative Service, and get so inspired and filled with hope from the messages.  This time it came right after I saw an episode of the X-Files where the government was covering up some experiments and claiming it was for the collective good of our citizens that the failed subjects be killed and all records be erased.  It made me angry that politics are often justified as such…working for some greater good, being pillars of the citizens that we elect to protect and project our interests.  Wish  it were true…so from the Dr. King service a Baptist preacher said to the congregation of geese:

“My individual location is not as important as our collective destination…we have to fly together.”

I feel like I’ve been screaming this.  Through my “Being American is Killing Americans” series I often speak of this perpetuated individualization that has just CONSUMED Americans is destroying us and nobody wants to speak up and say THIS ISN’T WORKING…Nothing gets me fired up more and also defeats me quicker than thinking about the possibility of my nation. My people. My peers, and those coming up under me, my sisters and their friends.  My children.  Why do we find the need to separate ourselves from others? We judge others and say that I have more _______ than them or they have less __________ than me so that somehow makes us separate. NO! Bishop Eddie Long (prior to that whole scandal) once said, why are so many black women single and so many black men in the gutter?  HELP THAT MAN UP OUT THE GUTTER?  Why are we so unwilling to serve? Why are we not flying together?

For what was probably one of the more moving speeches of yesterday given by the Hispanic Rev. Samuel Rodriguez click HERE.  He really could have dropped the mic after this speech.  I have a dream too Dr. King, its that one day we will really sacrifice the I for the We?  Citizenship is like a marriage after all, is it not?  I suppose in America our patriotism is not so much a requirement, however as a participant in this nation I take some pride and also some responsibility in it.  I cannot, therefore, ever give up on my nation; the greatest nation in the world.  I can “be the change” by dedicating my life to service.  Mentorship…Modeling…showing others how to make a difference by being the difference.  I wish with all my heart I had President Obama’s 2004 DNC Keynote on video…I really feel that hearing him made all the difference in my life.  I wish it shook more people in our nation…but that’s ok, they’ll wake when they’re supposed to according to His will.  I do believe it.

One thought on “Lessons from geese

  1. CHUUCH! Amen 1000 times to this. Sometimes I swear you are in my head!

    I can “be the change” by dedicating my life to service.

    This is what keeps me persevering at law school on those days when I feel like giving up. Together we can make a difference 🙂

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