Want it more than you fear it…why? Because I deserve my best me.  Simple as that. I was browsing MopTop and I came across a post where she asked what you (impersonal you) had done today to fulfill your purpose.  I’ve been thinking I really  want a journal for this reason.  To keep track of my purpose progress…Anyway she put up the following questions:

To help find your purpose, answer these questions:
1. What are you most passionate about? life…in particular, living a happy, rich, peaceful life full of beauty and love.

2. What activities do you find the most joy in? insightful and enriching conversations.  Doesn’t matter if they are with friends or with strangers, happy times or sad…if I can learn from it and be a better person because of it, then bring it on!

3. What is the one thing you feel you couldn’t live without doing? analyzing.

4. Who are your inspirations, and why? everyone.  I find inspiration in the everyday, but if I had to narrow it further than that, I’d say women lol.  That’s as narrow as I can get.

5. What skills are people constantly complimenting you on? Um…my ability to get things done.

6. What goals in your life are the most meaningful? My relationship is by far the thing I’m proudest of, but also the thing I’ve learned the most from and because of–as a result maintaining it is a goal of mine.  I just want to live to be the person God created me to be.  The goals I set for myself pale in comparison to whatever He has planned.

7. What do you want to be remembered for? Being kind, being humble, and glorifying the spirit of the Universe.

8. What comes exceptionally easy for you? Most things of worldly value…of course all the truly important stuff is work…but I’d say writing.

I look at that and I think…my passion is wrapped up in becoming the best me.  Remaining true to my beliefs and my truths.  Nourishing my relationships and yielding to God.  Sometimes you just have to be fearless…Can’t wish and hope for courage…just gotta have it right?


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