New Moon

So, I thought very sincerely about even writing this post…not everything should be made public after all.  However, I think its interesting and it kind of sums up things that I’ve already described on here so here we go.  I had lunch today with a few of my classmates and somehow we got on the topic of feeling other people’s energies.  I spoke with one classmate/friend in specific, I’ll call her Nama (short for Namaste)…anyway Nama revealed to us that she was an Empath (an empath is someone who has the power to feel and manipulate the emotions of others.  Empaths often have mood-swings, or are sometimes classified as bi-polar, but it’s simply the emotions of others around you.  You are often one that people turn to for guidance, for your uncanny ability to make people feel better, to reduce their anger or depression.  The bad side is that you tend to often feel other’s emotions and confuse them as your own, and act upon them accordingly, confusing and possibly scaring or angering others.)  Make sense why I chose Jasper as my illustration now?

I will leave private Nama’s experiences, but instead continue with mine.  So I go home and research this new word…this new being.  I know that I sometimes feel drained, and sometimes cry and don’t know why. I will feel things very deeply and know that something is wrong or I will get just a bit sick when someone close to me is very sick.  The thing that kind of drove it home to me was the fact that I read how Empaths want to take other people’s pain into themselves  to heal.  I broke down and cried (lol how appropriate right?) because I say that to Deeds all the time. I also tell him how I feel “inside out” because I’m so sensitive to everything, and how I wish I had a pensieve (read: Harry Potter) just so I could clear my head and just get everything out of me.  More recently I’ve been so incredibly drained by things, I even complain when I go to the grocery store.  I’m not sure if anyone else has ever felt like this but…its like you literally can feel other people inside you, not their thoughts but their emotions.  I don’t always sort out what it is because mostly I’m just bothered by it.  Nama told me that she had to learn how to keep the energies straight.  How to keep other people out.  We both, however, are now interested in learning how to mmm train ourselves? To recognize our own energy but without isolating ourselves.

I know this probably sounds like crazy nonsense to a lot of you and a lot of people on blogs I read think that it is satanic or demonic or even just farse but I assure you…it is not exactly something that you want if you don’t have it.  I think, even in just my one day of awareness of what I am that it is a gift from God.  We all have to learn to use our gifts…I knew when I lived through my accident virtually okay that I was destined for something.  Right now I feel…like the sun is in my stomach.  Radiant.


11 thoughts on “New Moon

  1. My mom is an empath…a strong one too down to attracting animals like bobcats randomly.

    She also avoids crowds or is very uncomfortable in them as she picks up on everyone quite easily.

    She hasn’t met Frog yet. I almost don’t want her too in case she gets bad vibes. She got bad vibes about my last bf and she was completely right.

    1. I don’t feel animals…they LOVE me though. Like flock to me. I hated it as a kid bc I’m not really an animal person.

      I can usually read people pretty well as far as mmm intention? And sometimes I end up way deeper with people than I know what to do with or how to handle. I’d never heard of empaths til today and ever since the convo I’ve felt this hum. Which is kind of weird bc just a few posts back I wrote about vibrating.

      Now I wanna meet your mom and pick her brain! Lol

  2. I’ve never heard of this before today, but I’m definitely intrigued. It’s got to be a heavy cross to bear… Especially when you can’t quite identify how or why you feel things so deeply. I don’t have the anxiety around crowds or anything like that at all. But OMG, I I’ve always felt “inside out” as you call it. Always held onto other people’s pain as if by doing so I could take some of it from them. As much as I’ve tried to harden myself to this sensitivity, I’ve always felt like I was denying my true nature by doing so.

  3. It doesn’t sound silly to me. I believe in intuition, so empaths are not a far step from that. Plus, people always say how just felt a “vibe” about someone and immediately knew they were dangerous, or that they would be fast friends. Empaths are just the extreme manifestation of that.

    The world needs people like you and Nama and I’m sure you’ll both help a lot of people in your profession. I wish people were more open minded to “new age-y” type stuff…a lot of is frivolous but there is a kernel of truth & usefulness there.

    1. Well the funny thing is, this stuff i sold as time! The manuscripts we read from my Tao class are at least 2500 years old and still can be translated by anyone reading modern Chinese/Taiwanese/Japanese/Korean. Osteopathic medicine was phased out (and in many states still hard to establish legally) because it doesn’t help insurance, and we all know how that goes. Or…people working in the medical profession do; If it doesn’t make money and it is not quantifiable then it is useless in our culture. So logic based…kind of funny because emotions develop far sooner than reasoning in humans, and look at animals, they can’t reason at all but the cows know when its going to rain and cats don’t like bad people…dogs bark at danger…how would one explain it?

  4. Hmmm…interesting. Things of this nature are definitely not my ministry in life…you know the whole figuring out why I do the things I do and classifying them. But, I feel this, to an extent. I’ve been known to take on other’s problems as my own, and even try and fix them as well. But as I read I’m not quite sure it is the same thing. I definitely have the feeling what others feel, but the feelings I get are never in good times. I also get the feeling something terribly wrong has happened, the feelings that wake me up out of my sleep and that make me stop my day to check on everyone. I feel that’s similar but not exactly what goes on with you. However, while they are all “gifts” that we at times wish we didn’t have, I think they are excellent and powerful gifts to possess. Gifts that others wouldn’t be able to handle as well as we do. Even if you think you don’t necessarily handle your gifts well…you do. Others definitely appreciate it.

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