The Search

I never watched a movie and felt more than when I watched Avatar.  I think of it often and Deeds just laughs at me because he was not all that impressed with it.  For me…the Na’vi just seemed to have it right?  Their connectedness with nature, animals, and each other; and reverence of everything that encompassed their world.

I was speaking with Nama today about classes and training she’s had to learn herself better.  She brought up the movie and her emotional response to it, and I laughed because I understood her completely.  She then said to me, I knew we would have this conversation, I knew because I see you.

I told her that ever since our lunch I’d been humming, and then I described to her how I meant it.  She said its because my truth resonated in your heart.  The things that I said are your truth too and your body recognizes that. That made perfect sense to me. The best decisions always feel so good.

Tomorrow I have to tea with my professor and I plan on speaking with him about my new self discovery.  I’m giving up on “reality” it only serves to limit and regulate and I’m learning more and more that we are limitless and the impossible happens daily.


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