Funny what you learn…

I once had a guy tell me that I taught him how to love. The ironic thing about that is I don’t think he has loved since; not a person.  I’ve also learned lessons from people as well, E taught me how to see people.  Weird I know but…he did, before that I saw everything in a mirror rather than a window.  Did wonders for my self esteem and self-concept.  Right now Deeds is teaching me patience and to appreciate detail.  That’s where art is.

I’m a big picture thinker…you remember those pictures in the sunday paper that looked like this:


Well to me, these always looked like dots.  I never ever saw beyond the obvious no matter how many times people said to “lose my focus” or “blur my vision” or move the picture slowly away from the tip of my nose, etc.  I just couldn’t see it…the puzzle, the mystery or the hidden meaning.  The exception to my ignorance was movies.  Ever since I understood basic themes in story writing I’ve been able to figure out movies pretty well. ((This has mostly been to my detriment as I spend the rest of the movie waiting to be proven right)).  That doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a film.  Take my recent, Black Swan **s/o to Lucy who just reminded me to mention this**  I figured out this movie early on and even said to Deeds, “Oh so in the end …..” and he said, “You really are a good movie watcher.”  But wait, I thought “how you do anything is how you do everything?”  What is it in movies that allows me to see the detail…the hidden picture but in life leaves me staring a little dots and blobs of nothing?  That’s yet another post…


**The hidden picture, by the way, is an alarm clock…and after a while–I saw it :-)**

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