Live and Learn

Everybody makes money mistakes, I’m pretty sure that no one is exempt from that.  Well I made one recently that has me beating my head against my laptop…so a few weeks ago I was so stressed because I had beaucoup expenses and my pay was delayed due to the freaking snow/icepocalypse we had here in Atlanta.  My spending vice is me, admittedly.  Well, I knew I was in a wedding soon and would need my hair to be done.  I also knew that my hair had been growing but not necessarily evenly…the result was a mullet of sorts (yes the back grows much faster than the front, go figure).  So I needed a trim.  I found myself at TAG Salon in Buckhead where I knew a friend of mine, Karris, worked.  I wish I had a before picture…but here is the after: 

Yay its not a mullet anymore and allat.  Now, it feels great and I loved the steam condition and the products they used so I’m not saying it wasn’t worth the money (because it definitely was) however, was it was considering that I have a lot of expenses on the budget? That’s another story.  In reality, I probably should have just bought a new straightener and blow dryer, and gotten my hair trimmed up at Great Clips or something.  Would have been more expensive initially, but not in the long run.  Ah well…you live and you learn right?

Speaking of…that day I got my hair done was a great day all together!  I am in a wedding as I mentioned before and went to Lenox (while I was in Buckhead) to visit Nine9West and Aldo because they were having huge sales and I needed shoes for the wedding.  I’m browsing and I see that Bloomie’s is also having a 60% off sale (WHAT!?) So I wander in!  Now…I walk in and I see a MAC counter, so I go over where I was met with a sales worker who acted as if it was a chore to answer my questions or talk to me (sidebar: this is the third time in the Atlanta area that I’ve been “snubbed” by a MAC worker so I’m hereby deciding to boycott them.  I don’t know where these women get off thinking they can have an attitude and still expect me to spend my money.  Lady you are a mall worker lets not get it twisted, and even if you were Mr. or Mrs. MAC you still have no right to treat people as such, at least then however, I might understand your bougery more). Continuing on, I head on over to Bobbi Brown where the “Ethnically other” woman decided to look straight through me in favor of a blonde haired green eyed customer.  Note: I never go anywhere looking a mess…so I can’t even give her the benefit of the “maybe I looked poor” doubt. Hey…this is Lenox.  Anyway, so I was over the rude customer service I headed back to shoes when this lip gloss at the Dior counter caught my eye.  I was just casually looking when make-up artist Pamela Pimpleton came to help me.  Long story short she ended up giving me a facial with Dior beauty products, and then doing my makeup! This was all before she knew I was buying anything because I honestly had no intention lol, I did end up getting some of the lip gloss but she gave me samples of everything she used (the creme moisturizer is retail $350! HOLY CRIPES!) as well as samples of all the Dior perfumes for women.  I booked her to do my wedding makeup in a few weeks because she was so nice AND  good at what she did, here’s a close up of my make up:

Granted…this was about mmmm 8-9 hours later? you can see the actual shading/colors in the pictures up above too…All in all…good day, lesson learned about thinking long term, but no harm no foul because knowledge is priceless.

For Karris: TAG Concepts Salons (404.816.5550) 3005 Peachtree Road NE Suite E, Atlanta, GA 30305

For Pamela: Bloomingdale’s Dior (404.495.2866) 3393 Peachtree Road NE, Atlanta, GA 30326

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