Spoken Name is not the Living Name

What you call me, in other words, is not who I am.  I know this may be hard to grasp for some but, I am not “Jessica,” because Jessica is something of a jail.  Immediately when you say my name you draw a mental picture of me as you see and know me to be.  You don’t see who I am because you are limited by your experience of me.  For example, my friends from the blogs/twitter may not know the Jessica that my classmates know, and my classmates may not know the Jessica that my mother knows, etc.  This is not to say that I’m a different person for each population, it is just to note that what you call me is not me; it is the name of the being that you know to be me, whatever that is.  Crazy huh? But kind of exciting.  All that I am is not wrapped up in what people know of me, or even what I know of myself.  If God created me in His image then am I not a goddess? Am I not a magnificent, mysterious, limitless creature not of the universe because I am a universe.  Not in a sense, but exactly!  I am a universe.


Innovation comes from the Latin innovationem, noun of action from innovare. The Etymology Dictionary further explains innovare as dating back to 1540 and stemming from the Latin innovatus, pp. of innovare “to renew or change,” from in- “into” + novus “new”.

Innovation can therefore be seen as the process that renews something that exists and not, as is commonly assumed, the introduction of something new.

If, for example, I’m stuck in the reality of a situation, how will I ever be in a new situation?  To get something different you have to do something different and normally that “something different” feels/seems unrealistic at the time.  The notion that we “create our own reality” is a paradox of sorts, because if it can be created then it is not reality.

In college there was a girl in a sorority and her line name was Gaia, it bothered me because I always loved the myth and legend behind Gaia but never saw that in her.  Sometimes you feel an affinity and connection with stories that is inexplicable but it resonates and makes you different (innovation) I concluded that the only thing they both had in common was motherhood which is probably why she got the name (the reality).  Anyway, the myth of Gaia is that she was not born, she “came into being” and in my mind, was noticed when chaos receded.  Gaia is literally of the earth, and complete within herself.  She is her offspring. She fruits and flowers.

This is kind of just an example (to me) of spoken name vs. living name.  You can never put into words all that someone or something is.  Every single thing is subjective when described, and only when we understand with our hearts is it objective.  That’s resonance.  That is the “reality” that for all purposes of english speaking human understanding should never be called such.

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