Underestimation and appropriate appraisal

As some of you have noticed, I’ve been missing for a while! The reason for that is work.  I attended a professional conference for my job and was even an presenter, which in the academic world is apparently a huge deal.  I got to spend the week at the beach; good old southern GA, St. Simons Island to be exact, and what a beautiful island it is! I stayed at the King and the Prince and really I have 0 complaints. It was magnificent.  Although, one day during the conference every single dish served for lunch had chicken or pork in it.  Being a veggie this made me extremely sad (and cranky because I was hungry) and being a tourist I was disappointed because I want fresh fish/seafood on the coast, not chicken!

Moving on to the point…I severely underestimate myself. I’ve been working on this though, trying to accept and own that I am very good at some things and giving myself appropriate credit.  For example, I am a great writer–which I hope is somewhat obvious, though I do understand the casual nature of this medium.  I am good with visual communication; I’d attribute this to my very astute minds eye.  I am also resourceful.  I think those three things in particular have gotten me pretty far in life.  Now, at this conference people are giving presentations on their current research or programs they developed, etc.  I presented on the last day so before going I got to see everyone else’s. I gotta say, I was renewed!  Some programs were great, some were fair, but what I got from each of them was that I not only belong in this field, but I belong at the top of this field.  Granted I know I won’t start there, but I’ll end up there trust me.  I will get my Doctorate and it will likely be as my Masters was; interesting lol.  I will continue attending conferences, and presenting my research.  I will continue working in my field and contributing to it through advocacy and research.  I am damn good at what I do, and its about high time I started appreciating myself as a professional.  This is my career, I need to not attribute my work to chance or luck or anything other than just that, WORK.

*runs dancing down hall* Baby remember my name! (Remember, Remember, REMEMBER, REMEMBER FAAAAME)

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