February Goals and 28 days of Darkness

Its Black History Month. Super…when is Black Future month? I’m more concerned with that than the past. I mean honestly, Marcus Garvey and Langston Hughes aren’t gonna help because if they could have by now they would have. So yes, I’m sooooo appreciative of my heritage and our accomplishments, but I’m just saying with all this nostalgic reminiscing, who is looking forward?

The fact: 60 years ago only 8% of Blacks were college educated, 30 years ago it almost doubled to 15.4% it hasn’t changed since then. So, the Civil Rights movement was amazing, but can we please have another? 85% of us are NOT skilled laborers.

That being said, its time to set my February goals:
Academic>Send my article about the lack of identity formation in college aged African American females to a journal for publication. Also, start up empowerment group at my internship.

Personal> mentor mentor mentor!

Health>stay on top of my meds and diet. I feel so much better when I do right lol.


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