Please forgive the poor quality of this photo…

If you can’t tell this is in a fitting room at good old Ross…this dress was reduced to $8.99 and my camera has no flash ((I love the touchpad curve but I hate the camera))  Anyway, I think that this shall be my graduation dress.  I mean I wanted to wear white with red shoes (since both my hood and honors regalia are blue–same as my school colors).  Why is all this even important? Well because tonight I FOUND OUT I PASSED MY STATE BOARDS AND CAN GRADUATE IN MAY.

I mean…elated is not even the word.  I’m excited, scared, relieved, just…soooo many things. I can’t believed the growth I’ve managed through this program and I can’t believe how much its given me.  I did EVERYTHING. Literally, I got published, I presented at a professional conference, I joined honors fraternaties, I interned, I worked, I volunteered, mentored, researched…I did it all. I can truly say that I got everything there was to get out of this degree except study abroad.  There’s still time, one more to go!

I’m hoping that I get to speak at commencement, I still don’t know how to make that happen but that would be the cherry on top of a satisfaction sundae.  Next up, find a job and get this Dr. in front of my name with the PhD behind it.


One thought on “Hooded!

  1. Yayayayayayayay!!!!!! Congrats Jess! It must be amazing to see your hard work paying off. That is amazing and wonderfultastic news :)))))))))

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