God is NOT a mystery

Whoever said God works in mysterious ways was NOT paying attention.  In case you don’t really read my blog, I’ve been on this whole rollercoaster with my weight this weekend/week.  I didn’t even realize I was actually losing anything until yesterday.  Anyway, so BFFK sees my blog post from yesterday with my 5k goals and she tells me about the Dawg Trot.  I ask her the details and its kind of marinating on my mind all day.  **sidebar: Yes, I know that its UGA but I don’t and will never hate UGA–far too much family history. I will not, however, ever be a UGA fan lol**

So, I get home and of course, check my facebook and have the following message from an old HS classmate: hey girl… dont know if u remember me or not we didnt really talk in school but i seen your pics and u look great!! how did u lose all your weight? My first reaction was to laugh because I just don’t…feel like I’ve “[lost] all [my] weight.”  So far to go! Anyway, so after responding to the message super flabbergasted…I registered. I signed up for my very first 5k.  I’m so excited I dunno what to do with myself.  Oh yeah, wake up tomorrow and start TRAINING!

God is speaking to me. I’m listening. He’s revealing a plan for me, I’m following it.


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