What I won’t do….

Today was my first day training, my legs feel like jello, and I’m sleepy. I’ve gone through two bottles of water and haven’t eaten lunch yet because I just do n.o.t. want a salad. I want a Chick-Fil-A sandwich :-/ somebody tell my body we don’t eat chicken! Anyway…so I posted my time today as my BBM status and my BFFT’s ex messages me and says: That is good stuff but you should be able to do that in half, but go you! Um… (said my mind) did this bish just give me a back-handed note of encouragement? Now…its likely that I’m overreacting to the situation and she didn’t mean it in the condesending snide way that it came off. I’m not sure how else to take it though.

In any case, my reaction was to say thank you, and then delete her from my bbm. I’m pretty “okay” on negativity, that’s not the kind of people I want or need in my life at the moment. If that’s the best she can offer then I’ll save you the trouble of donating

**Editors note: After telling my Ne about this she responded, “1. She’s on your bbm? She was like 2 gfs and a double dozen of fucks ago……I actually forgot about her.”  See why my friends are priceless rare gems?

One thought on “What I won’t do….

  1. “She was like 2 gfs and a double dozen of fucks ago……I actually forgot about her.”

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I just busted out laughing so hard at this. lol

    Why is it that it seems like those people that cannot manage to give an appropriate compliment TO SAVE THEIR LIFE are always the ones who wanna say something?

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