And yet another

Lady Gaga’s new single “Born this way” dropped recently and here in LA its been in super heavy rotation. In being stuck in 405 traffic I heard it three times and got a really good listen to the lyrics…then it made me think about her. She’s 24 years old and already a pop icon. What were you doing at 24?

In an interview she mentioned being a child and being told to be herself everyday no matter what. Now..I know she’s a bit left of center but honestly, is she hurting anyone? If anything she’s shining her light so brightly that you can’t help but to want to shine your own in recognition…like a nod to the movement. For me, I haven’t felt that in any other artist. Just personally…

I think about who I might be if I weren’t so concerned with judgment..public expectations..what everyone else was or is doing. I think about if I was encouraged to be myself every single day as a child. This notion of the freedom to change…or the freedom to transform rather; that time and space is now.

Its not fear that has kept me, or anyone else from being true to themselves, its the binding ties of expectation. Culturally we assume that assimilation is the only way, we must dull ourselves so that we fit together not offending or oppressing anyone..why do we believe in equal mediocrity but not equal greatness? New approach…I’m doing what feels right. No one can accept me if I don’t expose them to it. I feel a few hours of meditation…Deeds mom told me to read Psalm 91 everyday for a month, so I shall. Live in faithfulness, and the only way I can feel Him is in my body, so that shall by my new lighthouse.


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