I see in myself

In college I didn’t miss much.  What I mean by that is I didn’t miss many moments to photograph the things that were going on around me.  It was pretty much always known that after a party or event that I would have the best pictures of whatever it was ((Given that I went to college during the creation of the facebook photo album this was huge)) Everybody wanted to see what they missed/forgot about/didn’t get the chance to photograph.  In a way its kind of fun that I have SO many pictures from  the most wreckless time I’ll ever have in my life.  In another way, it speaks volumes…

My boyfriend says that if you take the picture you miss the moment. He says this because he hates taking pictures with a passion and I like having pictures of us because (well #1 people always ask for them) he’s far away and I like recent photos of us.  This past weekend, we celebrated a friend of mine’s bachelorette weekend.  She went to college with me and so did our other mutual friends, and her sorority sisters.  Lots of craziness ensued but you know, I only have about 6 pictures from the entire weekend (which if this were college would have been about 306)  and I’m not lacking from any memories.  I think of how many things from college that I have pictures of that I don’t remember–not from drinking but because I genuinely just don’t recall.  Then I think about the magnitude of what Deeds said to me in his moment of accidental genius.

It is not secret that I have become more present in my old(er) age.  I am more in touch with what is happening right now in front of me.  I used to be more of a photographer than I am now. I still very much love photography, but something about that epiphany made me really appreciate just being in the moments rather than feeling I need to capture them.  What if I go senile? What if I grow up and can’t remember a thing.  I think…that no matter what our heart doesn’t forget.  Somewhere inside of me I will always remember my most cherished memories.  I will always remember my friends and my family and loved ones.  I don’t need to to snap away every five minutes.

I think the most important thing that I learned this weekend is that  when you love someone (friend/family/etc) You will do what it takes to see them happy.  Even if that requires a great amount of personal sacrifice on your part.  I think that I have some pretty amazing friends and the most amazing part about them is their hearts; their generous spirits and the fact that all any of them wants is happiness.  It really doesn’t get any better than that, that has to be the greatest blessing on earth to be surrounded by a continuous flow of love.


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