Are you REALLY ready?

It kills me (literally I think I die a quiet death) when women who are thinking of transitioning to Natural hair give 500 million reasons as to why they can’t BC (big chop).  Don’t like short hair? Great.  Aren’t willing to let go all at once? I get it.  When people ask me the best way to transition I say earnestly and honestly, “Chop it all off.  Or if you don’t want it all gone, transition (i.e. no perm) for a few months then chop it all off–either way it HAS to go. Taking care of two textures is a nightmare.” That is my opinion and in speaking with other naturals it seems to be a consensus. Nobody has spoken highly of the transitional process lol.

What specifically kills me is the…but what if my hair does this, and what if it looks like that, and ugh it might be too curly/nappy/kinky/fine/thick/etc…I want to say *pause* why are you going natural?  If you have ALL these quams with your hair then um, this may not be the best thing for you right now.  That’s the God’s honest truth.  Even if you wear your hair straight every day, if your hair is natural there are certain things you have to accept and one of those is your texture for what it is.  If you’ve talked yourself out of a BC because you aren’t ready for what your hair might but then what are you going to do with it once the perm is gone? I’ll wait.

Check out Elle's BC in Jan 2010 (Source:QUEST for the Perfect Curl--Click the pic!)

Now no I didn’t BC but I’ll be the first to tell you that I wish I had! I have chopped up to 4″ off my hair though since I’ve been natural and not thought twice about it.  Even when I was relaxed it irked me when women would be soooooo into length that they wouldn’t even cut their hair into a style.  What is the longness of your hair doing for you? Please fill me in?

At one point BFFK was being one of those girls and I said to her, please don’t be that girl.  She up and went out and cut her hair into a style (surprised me!) but it looked great on her! I mean I’ve seen women hold on to length even though its raggedy, ratchet, wispy, knotted, ends splitting and breaking, but its LONG! So we have to keep it!  GIRL BYE!!!! Chop that shit off and quit being insecure. ITS HAIR!!!!!!!!!! It will grow back!

That is the peace offering that I give to those inquisitive naturals, your hair will grow back crazy fast once you stop putting all that horrible chemical in it.  I’ve noticed it in my own sisters hair. I gave her hair a trim around the same time I gave my other (natural) sister a trim. Natural sis’s hair has grown back PLUS some but relaxed sister’s hair has broken off and is getting more damaged.  I’m not saying everybody go natural…I’m just saying its a fact that the chemicals in relaxers are harsh and once your hair is free of them it will behave differently.

So to all you girls afraid to BC because of 500million EXCUSES…just shut up and do it, or shut up and don’t. But please, shut up.

Elle in March of 2011 (a year or so of growth! Amazeballs!)

2 thoughts on “Are you REALLY ready?

  1. *like*
    I have a friend who went natural last year, but has yet to cut off her perm and its killing me slowly. I’ve done the big chop twice in my life. The first time being a moment when that I was so tired of it that I holed myself up in my then boyfriend’s bathroom with a pair of scissors lol. I guess some people just fail to realize that IT GROWS BACK! Usually a lot faster than it was!

    1. I still to this day regret not BC’ing and maybe next year I will…I’ve currently made a resolve to STOP cutting it because I think short hair is sooooo much easier LOL.But yes I don’t think they realize it grows back either. Maybe because when you have a perm it takes so LONG to grow? Maybe…

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