Well…how did it go?!

Today was my interview for the Doctoral program with the University of San Diego.  Rather than retell this story all day for the rest of the day, lets just make it easy (as my life is already in these pages).  First of all they asked:

  • Tell me about a specific time where you felt you were successful in a leadership position
  • Why do you feel it is important to study leadership academically?
  • How do you plan on balancing your time and dedicate enough time to work (professional life) and to yourself (personal life)?
  • What is the one thing we need to know about you as a candidate that may not have been mentioned or emphasized in your letter of intent?
  • Noting the importance of self-reflection, tell a specific instance of how self-reflection lead you to your purpose.
  • Reflect on your leadership experience mentioned earlier and what do you feel about your performance as a leader

Now those questions were not verbaitm, as a matter of fact they are just the notes I could jot down while I was busying searching for just the right way to say just the right thing.  I’m much more articulate with my fingers LOL.  I got really emotional when they asked about the “one thing”.  Perhaps because this is something that I’ve been working on in my life lately, but I said my one thing was strength of conviction.   Then in reflecting on my leadership style I said that I felt a sense of pride.  It caught me off guard, but it was true.  I am so proud of the things that I have been able to do at my job and at my internship and I feel so supported in that office. I truly feel like I can be anything or do anything and I know that so much of that is due to my coworkers and supervisors.  All of that came to me in this interview and I got a wee emotional but not so much that I couldn’t get through the answer. I did find myself blinking back tears as I answered.

Next we asked questions of them, my first question was to ask about the application process and timeline.  The admissions committee meets tomorrow OMG! But they had about 140 applicants which was narrowed down to less than 60, and they would like to begin with a cohort of 12-15 people. Those are CRAZY odds! So we’ll see. I’m going to send thank you emails and also contact the program director about some financial stuff…then I’m going to *hopefully* have good news to share with you guys next week.

I feel so strongly about this program that I think even if I didn’t get in I would reapply next year.  Everyone has been so incredibly helpful and open with any questions I’ve had its refreshing!  I still have things to figure out, but I want this.  Nothing’s felt quite like this.

Deeds:  *said lovingly* You were nervous when you first met me and look how that turned out

Dubb: -_- This is NOT the same *said anxiously*

Deeds: *sigh*

LOL…I owe him a big hug for putting up with me after all of this stress, anxiety, and nervousness.  So excited to find out…*does ants in the pants dance*


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